Victoria Station & Vic’s Boathouse


Contrary to what I have been sharing so far on this blog, we HAVE been eating more than just sugary treats on this trip! I have been, and probably never will be, a picky eater. Usually it’s my Dad and I trying some different things, but finally I have convinced my Mom and brother to step out of their comfort zone a little bit as well.

With that being said, we’re in Boston– what better place to get New England Clam Chowder?! Boston (and probably anywhere else on the east coast for that matter) seems to have clam chowder at EVERY. SINGLE. PLACE. we go. Which is no problem for me!!! Fortunately (or unfortunately, however you wanna look at it) we turned my brother into a huge clam chowder fan so, though it is a large bowl, that was about two spoonfuls for Kars and Mom, 7/8 of the bowl for Owen.

Anyway, as I was saying, we have only sampled chowder from two places in the area– both of which have been sit down restaurants. Though I think I am an “adventurous eater”, I am a bit nervous to try chowder from one of the little food booths around downtown Boston and in Faneuil Hall. However, if anyone has any suggestions on places to try, I will gladly sample some and get back to you!

The two restaurants that we have tried clam chowder from include the Green Dragon Tavern (near Faneuil Hall) and Victoria Station & Vic’s Boathouse, featured here in the photo (located in Salem along the water).

I should also add– though I don’t have pictures– that we enjoyed the rest of our meal as well. Aside from the chowder, our favorite things from this stop included the awesome sweet potato waffle fries and chicken parmesan sandwich. Definitely a great place to stop and a BEAUTIFUL spot near the water.



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