Melt Homemade Ice Cream

Since we took a slight detour to Salem yesterday (away from my bakery of choice), I had to find an alternative way to get my sugar fix. Traveling with my Mom and brother– who are probably the only two people who can keep up with me treat-wise– we have had to make quite a few stops each day to keep our “sweet teeth” under control.

Yesterday, in the beautiful town of Salem, we selected an awesome lunch spot (more on that later) and a super cute, super tiny homemade ice cream shop to satisfy us for the day.  The ice cream shop that we chose was called “Melt” and is known for their homemade flavors. Though my Mom wasn’t pleased with their “true to size servings” (one scoop was literally ONE scoop) Owen and I thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of the local shop. Traveling with people that don’t think to take a picture of every single thing they eat, I didn’t get a chance to snag pics of their ice creams. But, feel free to use your imagination. 🙂 Owen got an Orange Creamsicle flavor while my Mom enjoyed a Black Raspberry cone.

The flavor that I snapped so many pictures of is mine, the S’mores flavor. To die for. Right away, my lame self was expecting a version similar to what you got in the s’mores Blizzard from DQ, but what I got was SO much better. With actual sticky marshmallow pieces, rich REAL chocolate, and sweet, crumbly graham crackers, it tasted like an actual s’more! Not only were the mix in’s delicious (and so obviously homemade) the ice cream was creamy yet soft– absolutely perfect.

As I mentioned earlier, the sizes were very true to what you ordered. The small cup that I got was just a “single scoop” (perfect for me because I somehow manage to get bored with most flavors of ice cream after about a scoop or two). What I’m saying is, on the small chance you ever make it to this particular ice cream shop, definitely consider how hungry you are and how much ice cream you’d actually like! Perfect size for a treat, but probably not as much as you’d like if you’re dying for some ice cream. 🙂

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