Status Update

Given the fact that I haven’t been active on my blog in over a few months, I should cover the absolute basics. Since I last blogged, I have had the pleasure of graduating from NDSU and moving home to Minnesota for about a month before moving to Madison, WI for work. I am so thrilled to be moving to Madison, and can’t wait to begin hunting as a foodie to find some of the best cuisine that Mad-town has to offer. In addition, I have added a few new locations that I need to share out, one of my favorite trips from this fall being Las Vegas (which is literally a food lover’s DREAM)!

Now that we are fresh into 2019, I have a goal of keeping up with my blog (after I get caught up from all that I missed over the past few months). I hope to share some of my favorite spots from Fargo before I close that chapter for good. I also hope to share some of my favorite spots from travels this fall, as well as some of my favorite go-to places that I will hit before I leave the Twin Cities.

Hopefully the New Year brings all of us lots of happy experiences, new opportunities, and obviously, plenty of new food. Thanks for keeping up with my blog– can’t wait to see what the next 12 months brings.


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