Short or Tall

In one of my last posts, I hardcore dissed my hometown for having little to no fun food options in the near area. Every time I left MN to trek three hours to the tundra that is Fargo, North Dakota to finish up my last semester of college, I was pleasantly surprised to leave with a new idea, restaurant, or stop suggested to me.

One of the newer places that I have been itching to try since mid-fall is Short or Tall Eatery and Drink Hall.  This is a restaurant/bar in Rogers, Minnesota that features beers from local breweries, most of which I believe are in MN.

The first review that I heard about this place was that it was very average. I had heard that it was always crowded, way too busy, and unorganized. Perfectly fine for a restaurant that is just opening and getting on its feet. The first time that I stopped in, it was insanely packed, and there was a strange sort of unwritten rule where whoever was waiting for a table would stand directly next to the table they were hoping to slide into when its current residents finished their meal. Previously working in the restaurant industry, this was super odd to me… We ended up leaving because the wait was estimated to be over an hour, and we didn’t want to stand and watch a group eat and enjoy their brews.

You can imagine what a pleasant surprise it was when I went back a few weeks later and the format had changed. The tables were now reserved to be sat by hosts only, with the bar open for people to seat themselves. This layout was preferred by me, and our server as well, who said the “seat yourself” and “hang around and wait for a table” rules were overwhelming for servers and customers alike.

So now that I have so kindly dissected the layout of the restaurant (which is obviously the most key point of this blog post) it’s time to talk about the 80 (yes, EIGHTY) different taps and the variety of food and beverages.

Their menu isn’t insanely large, but boasts all of the usual favorites. There are apps, burgers, and even a salad or two if you’re trying to keep it light while you down one of their 80 different kinds of beer. I went with my Mom who hates beer, so I didn’t spend as much time as I could have sampling and exploring the tap list. I chose the Castle Danger Brewery’s Castle Cream Ale. A safe choice as the Castle Cream Ale is always solid. And, since we went during happy hour, my tall was the same price as a short, which is always a bonus.

We went to get a late lunch/early dinner that we could easily share. Since we are both truly snackers are heart, we went for an app combo and got the Tin Can Nachos and the Sweet Potato Fries with a chipotle aioli.


You can say whatever you want because this is a true brain cramp, but I had no idea that the Tin Can Nachos would come in a legit tin can. This is a complete ‘L’ on my part, because this should have been so obvious, but lets move past that. These. Nachos. Oh my God. I cannot even begin to explain how insanely good these nachos were. The waitress brought them out in a tin can, and shook them down as we watched the ‘house fried tortilla chips, queso sauce, jack and cheddar cheese, peppers and onions, jalapenos, cilantro, chicken tinga, sour cream, pico de gallo and salsa roja’ waterfall out of the massive can.


I am truly having a hard time writing about these, as I am extremely tempted to hop in the car and ‘Fast and Furious’ it to Rogers. THESE NACHOS. I don’t know if any words will do them justice, but they were fantastic. Coming in at $14, they are one of the spendier items on the menu. However, these could have fed an entire family. They were drenched in queso, and absolutely loaded with toppings. These nachos are probably one of the most filling appetizers offered. Plenty of chicken, plenty of onions and peppers– unbelievably good. I know both my Mom and I would highly recommend these to anyone heading to Short or Tall!

The other side that we shared were the Sweet Potato Fries. file5

So crispy (yet soft in the middle) and SO MANY OF THEM! Not kidding you guys, this is a great place to go if you’re looking to share. If I’m not mistaken, I think their two serving sizes were 1/2 pound or 1 pound, which is nuts. Definitely consider sharing here, as the serving sizes (at least for the appetizers) are out of control!

Overall, I would highly recommend this place to anyone in the Rogers/STMA area. Honestly, I would even recommend to others living outside of the area to commute in to give this place a try. One additional thing is that this restaurant is located right next to the Rogers movie theater. Perfect for a night out with friends who want to get a meal/beverage, and then head to a movie right after! Again, this is an awesome place with a crazy impressive beer selection and fantastic food.

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