Sweet Bakery

Okay, I’ll be the first to admit it. I have a wicked sweet tooth (and maybe it’s the few days in Boston that have me saying “wicked”, but anyway)… Everywhere I go I am drawn to treats. Especially being employed by a cupcake shop in Fargo, I always seem to locate some sort of bake shop or candy store. Luckily enough, on the first day of exploring Boston, we found Sweet Bakery– full of flavors ranging from Red Velvet (my personal favorite) to Lemon Raspberry to Birthday Cake, and so on. (Side note: This bakery even has frosting shots and mini cupcakes for those who want to sample more than one flavor or just want a quick shot of sugar!!) In the three days that we have been out wandering, I have sampled five different flavor combinations, if that helps to tell you how good these cupcakes really are.

To me, there can never be enough icing on a cupcake. I don’t care what you say– I will never complain about taking a bite of straight buttercream, and I SURELY won’t complain about too much cream cheese icing. After trying the Red Velvet, Karat Cake, Birthday Cake (in chocolate and vanilla), and the Double Chocolate (as well as a bite of my Mom’s Lemon Raspberry), I can confidently say that this bakery can do no wrong. I can also tell you that others were satisfied with the cake to frosting ratio, so I’m not just exaggerating about the deliciousness of these cupcakes. And if you can’t tell from the pictures, the cupcakes were decorated so simply and so beautifully that it’s hard to walk out with just one– trust me.


In addition to being some of the best cupcakes I have ever tried, they also had probably the CUTEST set up of all time. With the adorable logo, polished set up, and simple black and pink color scheme, this bakery is a must see if you’re in Boston. Probably not quite on the list of “classic spots in Boston”, but surely a great place to stop if you’re looking for an awesome treat.

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