Main Street Farmer Eatery

As someone who loves food, you can imagine my excitement when I found out that my hometown, St. Michael-Albertville, Minnesota, was getting a fantastic new restaurant right in the heart of downtown St. Michael. If you have ever been to this area, you know that, besides the outlet mall, there is nothing else there. Like, nothing. It’s a total tractor town. So a high end restaurant such as this one was such a pleasant surprise. Main Street Farmer Eatery is an awesome farm to table restaurant and bar in St. Michael, MN with an ever changing menu and fantastic eats!

Being a college student, I missed out on probably the first two years of MSF’s existence. Obviously it was an option when I did choose to come home, but I will admit that I turned my nose up at it a bit at first. I thought “How good can a restaurant in STMA REALLY be?” and would head towards the cities for a high end meal. Uhm, learn from my mistake. I was missing out. And if you don’t head there immediately, you are missing out too.

The photos that I will share are from my first experience at Main Street Farmer a few months ago before heading to Madison, WI for the summer. Honestly, I am such a hater towards my hometown. I did NOT think that a restaurant of this caliber would make it in St. Michael. For real… This restaurant replaced the space of an old drug store…. IT’S ST. MICHAEL PEOPLE! You don’t understand. Anyway, it blew me out of the water as soon as I walked in. Honestly– the layout of the restaurant is beautiful, the bar is beautiful (I can’t wait to head back now that I am 21), the details on the table are beautiful. It is a fantastic space that I am so grateful has made their home in good ol’ STMA.

Okay so before I dive into the food, let me give you a bit of background. I am almost certain that everything I know about the restaurant has been shared with me from other people in the area, so this is pure gossip and may not be backed at all by true facts. So from what I’ve heard is that the head chef at MSF previously worked in the Twin Cities and grew tired of the hustle and bustle of the busy city. It sounds like he and his family wanted something a little slower pace, but with the same quality of food. So, they decided to bring their talents to St. Michael, competing against the fine dining that already inhabited the area, such as Subway and Dairy Queen. 😉 But seriously, this place is fantastic and I am so grateful that they chose to make STMA their home. They focus on farm fresh ingredients and creating fresh recipes.

As I stated before, the menu changes seasonally (probably because of the ingredients they are able to get at each time of year). Here is the menu from the Spring when I was there, and I believe this was late in the season! Shortly after they swapped it out for a summer menu.



The menu was insanely hard to choose from. Seriously– every time I would see one thing a server would bring a different dish by and I would immediately change my mind.

We ended up getting the Chipotle Cheddar Nachos with Pulled Pork as an appetizer, I had the MSF Frenched Chicken, my brother, Owen, had the White Cheddar Burger, and my Dad had the Polish Kielbasa Sausage.

Here is a link to their current menu.


Main Street Farmer Eatery boasts multiple menus on their website, including their lunch menu, dinner menu, Burger Night menu, brunch menu, and drink menu. One special thing that they have every week is Burger Night. A thick and juicy burger for $11. And not your average wimpy patty with a thin slice of cheese– their actual specialty burgers! Menu attached here.

If you check out the menu posted compared to the menu linked, you will notice some overlap. For example, the Chipotle Cheddar Nachos…


YUM! Just look at those nachos… Some pulled pork, jalapeños, creme de fresh, FRESH QUESO, pickled onions… All of the goods. These nachos were SO delicious and so filling that we honestly could have stopped there. But of course, we didn’t. The best thing about these nachos was the combination of fresh ingredients and a junky comfort food, such as chips and cheese. Delicious, and certainly a dish I would recommend.

Another returning item is the MSF Frenched Chicken.


Honestly look at this plate and tell me your mouth isn’t watering. The green beans, onions, BEAUTIFUL garlic and sage cheese stuffed chicken breast, wrapped in prosciutto on a bed of creamy mashed potatoes……. And the sauce! Ugh. I am drooling. This was honestly one of the best dishes I have ever had. All of the flavors could stand alone, but were even more decadent when combined in a single bite. This portion was huge but I managed to put it all down.. It was tough, but I managed. I would 100% recommend this to anyone who has the chance to stop by MSF, and would be more than happy with enjoying it again. I honestly don’t know if this meal could be topped, but I would be more than happy to stop back in and see…

The next two items have also stayed on the menu from season to season, and judging from the way my dinner dates enjoyed them, it sounds like they should stick around for good!

Here we have the White Cheddar Burger and the Polish Kielbasa Sausage.

My Dad is always a bit more willing to share with me than Owen is, but I managed to snag a fry from his dinner plate. Any dish with good fries earns a high score in my book even if I didn’t get a chance to try the main part. I have to admit, I am not a fan at all of pickled vegetables. The veggies you see on the right side of the board are all picked, so I did have to stay away from those. However, the sausage and the rest of the plate were fantastic. I wouldn’t necessarily say this is something I would order, but that’s solely personal preference.

Lastly, as if we all weren’t absolutely stuffed to the brim, we had to sample some dessert. This had to be something we could all share, and Owen is a bit less daring when it comes to food than I am. So we went with a happy medium: the flourless chocolate cake.


This cake was so delicious. As you can see, it is plated beautifully (as all of the dishes at MSF are) with the raspberry and many drizzles. The cake was moist and chocolatey with the light added flavors as a pure bonus.

Overall, this is restaurant blew me away. It exceeded every expectation that I had, and lived up to all of the hype. This is a perfect place for families young or old, couples, or high school friends meeting to catch up. The food is spectacular, the location is unique and beautiful, and the ingredients are fresh and real. AND I have heard that they added a tap room…. Sooooo I’ll obviously be back in for a second visit soon.

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