Sandy’s Donuts

As much as I feel like I always talk about Fargo being a boring place to live, I have to admit– there are plenty of fun things to do if you look hard enough. As I enjoy my warm bed on a snow day in March (yes– a SNOW DAY in March), a gourmet donut sounds like exactly what I need right now.


The Red Velvet cake donut

If you aren’t from Fargo (or if you’ve never spent a significant amount of time here) you probably have no idea how big of a deal Sandy’s Donuts really is to anyone in the Fargo-Moorhead area. If I’m being honest, I really don’t go out of my way to eat donuts super frequently. I more enjoy donuts more for casual outings with friends– but I really wouldn’t jump at the chance to eat a grocery store or gas station donut.

With that being say, I LOVE small town bakery’s or specialty shops such as this one. I guess what I’m trying to say, I really enjoy gourmet donuts that offer crazy unique and delicious flavors along with yummy coffee drinks. And Sandy’s does just that! It offers a mellow environment with tons of crazy options that make for a perfect breakfast “dessert”.


NDSU Glazed Long John, Apple Fritter, Blueberry Cake Donut, and the Espresso Bean

One thing you have to know about Sandy’s Donuts is that every single donut I have tried has been absolutely awesome. They have cake donuts, glazed donuts, candy covered donuts, fritters, turnovers– whatever you could possibly want. SO yummy.


This is also one of my favorite places to bring anyone that comes to visit Fargo. Seriously, they have something for anyone! And if you don’t like donuts, they have muffins, cake pops, and coffee brewed fresh from Stumbeanos (yum! Another favorite– and with good reason. My mom’s cousin and her husband actually own this popular downtown coffee shop).

Sandy’s also has plenty of locations where you can pick up or order donuts for yourself, or any club or event you’re hosting. There’s a Sandy’s Donuts club at NDSU for true fans, and everyone else just uses donuts for bribes to try and attract students to other various clubs or meetings. Sandy’s has to be one of Fargo’s most popular attractions.


Especially on easy Saturday mornings, Sandy’s donuts are a perfect thing to grab while wandering around to check out any of the small specialty shops downtown. And another thing– during the summer and fall when downtown Fargo holds the Red River Market (our own personal farmer’s market) Sandy’s has a perfect location downtown to grab a sweet treat to enjoy while you walk around and explore everything else in downtown Fargo.


S’mores, Chocolate Cake Donut, Glazed Twist Donut, and the Peanut Butter Cup

Next time you find yourself in the Fargo area, no matter what for, I would highly encourage this spot! One of Fargo’s best and most popular attractions.


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