Beans, Beans…

Even though I am not a picky eater at all, I try to mix up the things that I eat as much as I can. With that being said, I also don’t have a ton of extra money for groceries, so it’s nice to make one thing to use as a “base” and then mix it up in different ways. In this post, I am just gonna show three or four uses for a combo that I make pretty often!

What You’ll Need:

  1. One can black beans
  2. One can kidney beans
  3. One bag frozen corn
  4. One onion
  5. Taco seasoning
  6. Two cloves garlic
  7. Any other veggies you want to add to this mixture (bell peppers, jalepenos, tomatoes, cilantro…)

I start by mincing two cloves of garlic and adding them to my pan with some olive oil. Next, I usually add 1/2 to 3/4 of my onion– diced (depending on how big of an onion it is) and the bag of frozen corn. I’ll then drain the two cans of beans and add them as well, mixing everything up and making sure the onions are soft and the corn and beans are warmed. I usually add a good amount of taco seasoning– I never measure it out, just kind of add and sample it as I go. This “recipe” makes a pretty large batch which I can use in a ton of different ways throughout the week!

Side note: I really don’t ever prepare meat dishes for myself, so I like to think that beans are a good source of protein. If you don’t like beans this recipe probably isn’t for you. But I really enjoy this combo! Throughout the post I’ll just refer to it as “bean mixture” from here on out.

Avocado Toast w/ Beans


Sooooo I would like to apologize for this photo in advance… I forgot to take a picture without a Snapchat sticker. 😛 This was so easy and so yummy! I used two pieces of toast topped with avocado, very basic. Then I warmed the “bean mixture” and added it on top of the toast for a little extra flavor. I love salsa too, so I added a little bit of salsa on top of this for a kick. This was super good, but if you are weird on texture I would be careful. The beans are kind of soft so I guess it was a strange thing to add to bread, but avocado toast is one of my favorite things so I thought this was a suuuper yummy combo.

Southwest Salad


I love this salad!!!!!! I could eat it every single day and never get sick of it! I’m obsessed. And there are a ton of different ways that you can mix it up and make it different so you never get sick of it! This is so easy too, so I will try and make the instructions as direct as possible. I love kale so I mixed about a cup of kale with a spring greens mix and topped with my warmed “bean mixture”. I also am obsessed with cilantro so I chopped some up and put that on top, along with some pumpkin seeds. For a dressing I’m sure there are a ton of things you could do, but I try to keep it lighter since I am in fact eating super healthy kale and veggies! I typically add the juice of half of a lime and a drizzle of olive oil over the top. I also will add some taco seasoning to make it a bit more flavorful, and sometimes combine taco sauce or salsa if I want to make it a little spicier. I also LOVE to add half an avocado to this salad if I have one. This salad is amazing!

Mini Breakfast Burritos


Okay honestly, I apologize that none of these photos look appetizing in the slightest. This was one of my favorite things that I used the bean mixture for!! So yummy and so easy. I actually don’t really eat eggs all that frequently, so I was a little nervous as to if I would like these or not. But they turned out so good. I combined three eggs– scrambled– and then put the mixture into the pan to warm everything together. In the meantime, I toasted my mini tortillas and added avocado and salsa to the bottom of them. I scooped some of the egg and bean combination onto the tortilla, and topped with cheese and cilantro. AH! So good and so easy. I don’t like eggs for breakfast, but my roommate eats these breakfast burritos in the mornings all the time. I preferred mine for dinner, and had about three mini tacos (the only problem was that this left a lot of toppings left over). Really good but maybe cut back on the eggs/bean combo if you don’t want anything to go to waste.

If you like beans/tacos/Mexican food at all, I would for sure encourage you to try any of these recipes out!

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