The Update I KNOW You’re Been Waiting On…

I’m Back!

Maybe it’s me wanting to update my blog for the first time in a few months, or maybe it’s me procrastinating all of the assignments I should be finishing on this lovely Saturday morning. Either way– here we go folks! Strap in.

Although my purpose for this blog is to show different places I have visited and tried (mostly throughout the Midwest) I am still a poor college student, and balancing my budget between school tuition and exploring as a foodie has been challenging throughout the past few months.

So, in my next few blog posts I will mention some of the recipes I have been experimenting with in the recent past, rather than exploring my current home of Fargo, North Dakota and spending money that I don’t have.

One thing I have been struggling with lately (in the dead of winter in the coldest place in America) is getting a fair amount of excercise in. How does this tie into the things I’m eating, you may ask? Well, let me enlighten you.

I love to run, and always have! But for whatever reason, I simply cannot bring myself to run/train on a track or a treadmill day in and day out. As we get deeper and deeper into these brutal winter months, I have had to be more mindful of the things I put into my body. This means, if I am trying to eat healthy, I’m trying to eat as many fruits and veggies as I can. I try to avoid consuming too many sweets and treats, and try to avoid typical unhealthy foods at all costs.

Now, remember that I also am a foodie so eating healthy ends up happening about 10% of the time. But if you have more willpower than I do, you might enjoy these recipes instead of eating the typical pasta or rice dish.



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