When you think of Fargo, North Dakota, I would assume that you wouldn’t immediately think of an incredible sushi spot. However, that is exactly what you get with Wasabi (which shares a space with Drunken Noodle– another amazing spot).

Each time that my Dad and I go, we like to order some of the pasta from Drunken Noodle along with some appetizers/entrees from Wasabi. Included in this blog will be photos from past experiences, highlighting my favorite items that I ordered last night when I went to grab dinner with friends. If there is a chance you ever come to Fargo, this is a spot that NEEDS to be checked out. I bring friends from out of town here all the time– it is honestly a hidden gem.


Side Greens with Miso Soup

Through all of my sushi consumption I have tried numerous ginger salads and this one is HANDS DOWN my favorite. I force everyone I bring to try this side salad because the dressing is 100x better than any other ginger dressing I have ever had. The miso soup is also incredible, topped with green onions that make it absolutely amazing.


Alaska Roll with Spicy Tuna

I try to mix things up when I go out to eat, but I can’t seem to choose anything other than this Alaska Roll. Honestly, this is one of the best things I have ever had. This roll is listed on their menu as “Tempura fried Salmon, asparagus, & Crabstick roll topped with avocado and eel sauce and spicy mayo”. The restaurant has a deal where you order a deluxe roll along with a normal roll, so along with my Alaska Roll I typically get the spicy tuna which is also incredible. I have to be honest, this is the best roll I have tried in the Fargo-Moorhead area. I love the spicy  mayo, I love the different textures and flavors– absolutely delicious.

Though the menu is absolutely full of noodle dishes, fried rice, appetizers, and sushi rolls, I can’t seem to consistently order anything different. Regardless, every time I go with someone who is willing to share, I am always incredibly impressed with each and every item on the menu. This is a spot tucked way back into the streets of downtown Fargo– definitely not a spot you would notice initially. Despite the location, it has become my absolute favorite spot over my three years living in Fargo.


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