Poke Bowl

One fairly new food craze that has really caught my attention is the poke bowl! Lucky for me, I have been able to try two different variations of the poke bowl. My favorite Fargo restaurant, Wasabi (a low key sushi spot), and the Poke Bowl food truck. I so greatly enjoyed the Wasabi version of the poke bowl, but I am going to basically cover the food truck called “Poke Bowl”.

While they do move around, most weekends in the summer (and hopefully deep into fall) they can be found on Broadway right in the heart of the Red River Market. Serving up shrimp, salmon, and ahi tuna poke bowls (along with egg rolls) this meal on wheels was literally to die for. Not kidding– this was such a beautiful dish and it came straight from a truck.

We showed up to the Red River Market a little later than usual and unfortunately, two of the meat options were completely sold out. Lucky for me, my first choice, the ahi tuna, was still available. Absolutely loved it. I think that the other options were shrimp and salmon (?) but since they’re a truck they have a limited quantity. img_4696-1

Really fresh tuna, looked like some crab meat (whether it be fresh or imitation, I’m not sure), seaweed, sticky rice, avocado, sesame seeds, lima beans, and some little sprouts. Topped with soy sauce and some sort of spicy mayo, it tasted like sushi in a bowl. After eating all of the toppings mixed with the rice, I also SO enjoyed the rice plain wth all of the remaining flavor and a little bit of siracha sauce. This meal was absolutely delicious. I was so full, but still felt totally fine since it was a light and healthy meal. Sooooo good.

The only negative thing I have to say about this is that since it is a food truck, I know that at some point I won’t be able to get this delicious meal. I am honestly debating chasing the truck around every Thursday-Sunday until the end of the food truck season.

Honestly, if you are a fan of sushi at all, I would highly recommend this food truck. It’s so fun seeing things like this pop up in Fargo– especially when it’s sushi in a bowl! Definitely something I would encourage everyone to try and experience. If you can’t get out to the food truck during their more limited hours, I would highly encourage anyone to also try the Wasabi poke bowl! A delicious meal that I think is on the come up for sure.

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