Homemade Eats!!!!

Soooooooo lately I’ve been on sort of a kick trying to eliminate some of the garbage that I usually eat. I am a huge fan of all granola bars/processed foods and one thing that my boyfriend always encourages me to do (when I ask for healthy eating tips) is to only consume things you can grow or kill. Sounded pretty odd to me at first but definitely has helped when I’ve been trying to create different meals for myself! One thing that I’ve really been liking lately is kale, so I’ve been trying to incorporate that into more things like with different salads. For the most part, purchasing a bunch of veggies and having more ingredients around my house has really helped me. I think I thrive when I have more space to be creative and try different things so having these ingredients has helped me in doing so!

First I will attach a photo of the sort of “southwest salad” that I have been making with some of the ingredients that I personally have been using. Obviously this is just how I make it– it can be made 10000 different ways but mine just works best for me with what I typically have on hand.

So this has definitely been one of my favorite things to eat lately! It’s so good and is so loaded with veggies and all of the nutrients that these foods have to offer. Okay, so I start off with chopping up garlic, red pepper, tomato, and onion and sautéing them in some olive oil. I typically add some cilantro and taco seasoning as well. I prefer peppers to be a little softer so I don’t do this for any specific amount of time, only until they look good enough for me. When my veggies are done cooking, I throw my kale in the bowl, and top it with my pepper/onion/tomato combo. Next I’ll add some black beans (canned) and corn (frozen sweet corn). Next I LITERALLY could eat straight cilantro so I add like half a bushel for some flavaaaa. Another flavor that I really enjoy is avocado (and it has a ton of health benefits) so I try to add anywhere from a half to an entire avocado. Next I will sometimes heat up a frozen black bean burger and chop it up to add a “meat substitute”. One thing I will mention is that I previously thought these bean burgers would be vegan, but they actually contain milk as an ingredient. Lastly I try not to eat a ton of dairy, so instead of topping my salad with a creamy dressing like I used to do, I have been topping the salad with lime juice and shaking the salad up to combine.

Next, I have made a few different variations of tacos for myself. Although I’ve been trying not to eat meat if possible, on some occasions I cook with chicken (especially if I’m cooking for both my boyfriend and myself). Attached are photos of both a chicken taco and a veggie taco.

The top photo is the chicken taco. I basically just defrosted frozen chicken, and then cooked up some yellow peppers, onions, and garlic with taco seasoning. The only other thing we added was cilantro on top of the tacos.

The second photo is my veggie tacos! I used the same base that I make for my southwest salad (the tomatoes, red peppers, onions, and garlic with taco seasoning) and then added my black bean/corn combo, some cilantro, lime juice, and avocado. For whatever reason, I’ve been really into this southwest flavor lately. Could be the summertime with all of the fresh lemon/lime juice, but I’m not positive! With these tacos, I am ALWAYS using corn tortillas!! They’re so bomb and always taste like restaurant/street tacos. Sooo awesome. One of my favorite touches.

Last I have attached a photo of literally the EASIEST meal of all time. I heated up a frozen black bean burger and then made a small small batch of guacamole with half an avocado, a little bit of red pepper, some garlic, lime juice, and salt and pepper. This was so bomb and SO stupid easy. Instead of chips I used brown rice crackers sooo not as good as corn chips but the guac has quite a bit of flavor so it made up for it.

None of this stuff is at all impressive but I feel like it always helps to see pictures or ideas to spark an idea! If you do try any of these meals for sure keep an open mind. Don’t be afraid to add or take out ingredients that you may like or dislike! That’s the best part of cooking. 🙂🥑🌮

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