“Home Cooking”

As I stated in my previous post, I got to spend last weekend with family and friends that I don’t always get to see now that I’m spending my summer in Fargo! With all the running around my favorite chef (my Dad) didn’t get to cook for me (sad) but I did get to eat with another family member who chefs up everything!!!! Long story short, my mom is super close with her cousins so after spending Friday night in the cities, I got to go and visit them for the remainder of the weekend! Wendy (my mom’s cousin) literally belongs on Chopped. Not only can she whip up anything, but she has every tool imaginable, uses the best and healthiest ingredients, and is always willing to feed me since I live only about an hour away. 😊

Anyways, I’m rambling. While staying at her house, Wendy whipped up a number of things that really inspired me (one of which was homemade cinnamon crunch bagels that were literally to die for.) 

I was surprised by the simple combinations that turned out to be so delicious. When I returned home and told my boyfriend about everything I ate, he ambushed me with complaints that I never cook for him anymore, so I decided to capitalize on the inspiring dishes I had consumed over the weekend. 😉

For dinner on Monday, we ate zoodles with chicken, bell peppers, tomatoes, and a Cajun sauce paired with a kale salad (which included cashews, craisins, blueberries, quinoa, and a dressing of lemon juice and olive oil) with a crusty naan to top it off. The salad was amazing– super light and refreshing. I’m normally not one for kale but it’s actually so delicious and perfect for the summer. It’s also super easy to find things to add that compliment the dressing. The zoodles turned out like my zoodles always do, a little bit soft but still pretty good. The sauce was good, but I preferred it with a bit extra seasoning to make it a bit spicier. Overall, not a bad meal! Filling but not a meal you would regret since it was mostly veggie based. 😊

For dinner Tuesday night, we both wanted the salad again, and I really wanted to use the fresh mozzarella I recently bought. I left out the quinoa in the salad this time (which was a bummer because it totally adds) and then made a margarita pizza with a premade crust from Target, fresh tomatoes, fresh mozz, and basil. I received a few complaints about the pizza since there was no sauce (only olive oil) and the crust got a bit soggy from the moist mozzarella and juicy tomatoes. If I could do it again, I for sure would change the crust and maybe bake it a bit before adding the toppings to make it crispier. Also, not sure if we were really fans of the taste/texture of the crust, but we were lacking time. Overall, doesn’t hurt to try new things! That’s how you learn.

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