Green House Cafe

Now that I have been out of Boston and back home to Fargo for about a month, I figured it was time to check in with something a little closer to home. I don’t expect that it was keeping any of my three readers up at night, but in case anyone is curious, I do plan to update/blog about the rest of my trip to Boston when I get a chance. For some reason between work and my social calendar, I have been majorly slacking on the blog.

Anyways, back to what this post is actually about: The Green House Cafe. This restaurant is a vegan only cafe in Fargo, North Dakota located in the old downtown district. It was suggested to me by a friend who’s vegan, and I actually couldn’t have been more satisfied with my meal. The restaurant as a whole is super cute and tiny, and for sure boasts more of a cafe feel than a “restaurant”– then again, we were there in the morning before work, so everything was a bit less busy than usual.

As a self-proclaimed “garbage disposal” (as my good friend Laura always says) I will finish just about anything off of anyone’s plate, sample any kind of meal, and attack any of my favorite foods. So, as you can imagine, I was excited to go to breakfast with my friend Rachel who 1) is actually vegan and 2) is a super adventurous eater. Between the two of us, we ordered the biscuits and gravy (no photo) and the oatmeal (with a side of fruit, above).

As beautiful as the photo was, I honestly feel like it tasted even better! I was really pleased with all of the different flavors that they included, as well as the crunch from the almonds and the soft warm baked apples that melt in your mouth. The oatmeal was also very substantial– not sure about you guys, but when I think oatmeal I’m grabbing a bag of Quakers microwave oatmeal and calling it a day. This was so far from that it was unbelievable. I wanna say there had to be oats as well as some sort of quinoa in the oatmeal to thicken it up– whatever it was, I really enjoyed it. Unfortunately, as delish as the biscuits portion of the biscuits and gravy was, neither of us were pleased with the gravy that was served. Not terrible, but something was a little off. We concluded that it tasted like straight up fake smoke, but who are we to make that call.

Sadly, I was just informed yesterday by this same friend that The Green House Cafe will be getting rid of their breakfast menu!! Super sad and disappointing, but I guess that means I will just have to get back there for lunch/dinner now. Rip to my fab oatmeal!!!

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